Enclosed Heart Ring

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Check out this beautiful ring! Silver in colour from the 'LoveisBeautiful' collection which is retro inspired. Notice how the tiny adorable love hearts come together to create this amazing ring. The intricately made heart shaped parts give it that old world, vintage feel but got its modern styling.

The other thing I absolutely love about this ring is that is perfect for any occasions, wedding, promise ring, everyday wear and even as the perfect gift! The fact that it strays from traditional rings and how it balances the black with the silver is to die for!

This ring is so wonderful, it got the pure sterling silver 925 coupled with the dashing black cubic zirconia. So glad the rosegoldandsilver design team came up with this one because they've knocked it out of the park!

I am a sucker for anything silver and black! I see anything in those colours then I'm like '' I gotta have that'' if you're like me then grab yourself one!