Love Bracelet Crystal Studded Cuff

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In the early 1970's the Love bracelet has been and still is the most iconic bracelet for almost 50 years! Inspired by the act of soldiers locking in their wives before war, the love bracelet symbolizes the lock in the form of two pieces joined together and can only be taken off with a  special screwdriver. It is widely recognized everywhere; just like Kylie all Love bracelet owners rarely take the bracelet off, I have a couple of my own which means a lot and because of that love I decided to emulate the design but with modern features. One of the huge differences we made for this piece is instead of embedding the gemstones we decided to make them studded, we also got rid of the screw in favour of hinged system this is to ensure you can take the bracelet on and off anytime you want without looking for the screwdriver, we then finished it  with beautiful Gold, Rose gold and silver detailing