Safety Pin Long Earrings

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Did you know?

That the introduction of the Safety Pin revolutionized the world of sewing, therefore fashion in general? Invented by Walter Hunt, he solved the biggest problem with using pins; getting pricked by it, despite efforts being made to make the pin safe can be traced back to the 14th century. Hunt's invention was genius in that it protected the user because of the clasp design and the coiled wire design gives it enough spring to push the sharp end in and out and out of the safety clasp, hence safety pin.

This was the inspiration of this set, we asked ourselves ; How do we bring the Safety Pin back? And the awesome answer, the Safety Pin Earring pair! It is a very simple yet genius design made from military grade metal IP plated with three layers of 18K gold, we got rid of the pointy end but kept the skeleton of the design.

The beauty of it is that you can use it just like how it's meant to be  used but as a beautiful piece of jewelry perfect for the Office! It is highly  durable and soft on the skin, it adds that subtle touch of sophistication and eludes to the fact that you're a hard worker. Add it to your collection now...